Fathers, be your daughter’s first love and she’ll never settle for anything less. – Unknown



I remembered staring in admiration to all he did. The way he addressed me with his loving eyes looking at mine, his kind and gentle words lifting my spirit. Through the years my love for him has shifted. At a young age is was admiration, as a teenager it became more of a “complicated” status. As a young adult it became my supporting, caring and cheering love and now as an adult with my own kids my first love is full of appreciation, gratitude and admiration. My first love’s name is call Dad!


It is interesting how different stages in live makes us feel and think differently. Even though my thoughts might have been different, my dad’s love was constant. That love and support has taught me valuable lessons.


Growing up, the phrase I’ve heard the most from my dad has been –“I’ll stop worrying about myself because I am all about you”. My dad has truly done that since I can recall any memories. An expression and lesson he learned from his dad.  His love for me has given complete disregards for his own needs or dreams to make my needs and dreams his own. If I ever needed him, there he was, and not in a rescuer way. More of a cheerleader, sometimes a coach and sometimes a learning guide. I owe so much to my first love. This coach of mine pushed me at a young age to pursue my dreams. Even when I thought it was hard (and it was), even when I cried, my dad would cheer me and guide me to move forward. He taught me that the job for me was whatever I wanted it to be as long as it contributes to society and I was joyfully doing it.

The thing I have learned the most about my dad has been his dedication to others. He likes to see past the horizon. His joyful spirit try to lift everyone around him. There is no perfect person, there is certainly no perfect man. I have even learned from his imperfections because he taught me to be true to myself; to learn from mistakes and move on.


As we approach Father’s Day, I wanted to honor my dad’s influence in who I am today. Many years during Father’s Day all I would worry about was the gift that would make him happy or would be the most practical. Those are all great things but thinking back into what he has taught me I realized that it is all about being present. Enjoying the moment. Being there for him the same way he was for me. I am grateful that I still get to enjoy my dad’s company, and although the distance keeps us apart, I do make it a priority to show my care and love with acts of kindness. I try to honor both of my parents everywhere I go with my actions. Even as an adult.


I enjoy watching my daughter’s admiration for my husband. As a mother, a wife, a daughter and a woman, I try to encourage that love, that bond and that respectful relationship. I believe that first love for them is teaching them about self-respect, self-love, about being brave and fearless, about becoming the best version of themselves. Father’s carry an important role in the future of our society. Not only teaching boys how to treat females but teaching girls to stand up and understand how they should be treated-as equal. When my daughter recently asked my husband- “Daddy, do you think I could be the first female president of the United States?” His calm, sincere and truthful response – “Absolutely!” lit up her face. What seems like a simple word answer, empowered her spirit and makes her dream big. That’s how powerful the impact of a dad could be in a kid’s life.

Gentlemen-be a guide to females around you showing respect and care. Lead by example.

Ladies-stand up in support to the men in your life with honor, mutual respect, equality and love. Our actions speak more than words.

For those who observe Father’s Day embracing the memories; may comfort and peace be with you.


Let’s honor our dad’s sacrifices, caring gestures, and love by passing on positive values to the next generations. Treating others with care and respect.


I have been blessed with many positive and wise father’s influence and love in my life through the years.  If you reflect about your life, I am sure you have been impacted by some paternal figure too at some point in your life. A dad is not a superhero. A dad is not a sperm donor. A dad is a simple everyday man that cares, respects and encourages.  A dad is an example of true and pure LOVE.





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