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As part two of the Healthy travel series, I want to dedicate time to travel by land. Yes, many of the tips expressed on the travel by air post could apply to this but there are a few others that should be included while traveling by land. Travel by land could mean by car, by bus (greyhound or any other) or even train. Yes, people still travel long distances by train. Amtrak train trips are a fun and rare experience for the family. If you’ve never done it, perhaps you should consider it and use some of these tips to make it enjoyable.  Nonetheless, for this post I will refer to land trip as a car trip which is the one used most frequently but these tips could be easily applied to any other land trip.


Planning ahead is the most important task.  When you are planning your trip it’s important to look at your routes and plan bathroom and stretch stops at least every two hours. The frequency of your stops depends on the age of the members of your group, health situations or any other factors. Be sure to take all of that into consideration. This important step will allow you to plan the departure and arrival time as well as the quantity of snacks or meals needed. I also know that too many stops might delay arrival and thus enjoyment at your destination. In order to avoid the amount of unexpected and unscheduled stops, let’s once again prepare ahead but try to be flexible with your schedule. You might discover unexpected places along the route where you’ll want to stop, stretch and discover. Give yourself time for some spontaneity.



The main difference to me for land travel vs air travel is the ability to make stops as desired or at least to stretch your body with more frequency. That itself is gamechanger in terms of having a stagnant feeling. Always remembering stopping for a good stretch. It is important for your body’s health.  Bring pillows or seat supports to make the car seat as comfy as possible. Sit up tall, take frequent breaks, roll the shoulders, stretch the neck, and realign posture… Even during traffic, you can suck in the abs and squeeze the glutes. Make it a family game.

Keep your brain active too. We like to play games like license state bingo. I also love a good audiobook or podcast that help pass the time when travel companions are too tired for a sing-a-long. Everyone will learn something new, exercise their brains, and a bit of new knowledge or an interesting story will make the trip fly by. There are so many options for podcasts even for kids. “Brains on” and “Wow in the world” are some of our kids favorites.


On the previous post, air edition, I mentioned the importance of traveling with bottled water. We prefer our bottles to be refilled rather than purchasing lots of bottled water containers. But I won’t lie, we’ve done both depending on our plans, group and destination. I still prefer to carry our own and refill them.  We also carry our reusable forks, spoons, and even straws.  There are many sites where you can find them. They come in pretty colors and sizes already in a small pouch for you to travel with. One of my favorites is Simply straws. I keep a few sets in my car.


Car rides have the advantage that you have access to a grocery store but if you drive across some country roads you might be surprised at what you won’t find, so it is best to be prepared for the munchies. Some of the same snacks I recommended on the previous post apply here. Have your cooler filled with ice or cool packs and load it with plenty of nutritious snacks like yogurt, fresh fruit, freeze dried fruits, granola bars, cut-up veggies and hummus, healthy trail mix, unsalted nuts and nut butter.  Here is when those reusable cutleries come handy.

Avoid fast food, mostly if it is processed or fried. Stick to lighter meals like salads or a salad sandwich with water and fruit on the side. Search for healthy options while looking for places to eat. If you want to splurge, I advise waiting until you arrive at your destination. Enjoy the journey without emergency bathroom stops. Remember I mentioned the country roads where you can’t find anything… Yes! Experience my friends. Bathrooms seem to hide when you most need them sometimes. Another reason to travel healthy.  Who wants to delay their limited amount of time for a trip in between emergency bathroom stops?


Bring your sunscreen! It is important to protect our skin regardless of the season.  I pack my favorite sunscreen that I know is safe and harmless for me and my family. Some people, mostly children are sensitive to particular brands. Don’t spoil your trip. Pack your preferred brand. And speaking of the sun, pack your sunglasses too.


Depending on the type of trip and season, keep in mind the proper outfits including shoes. For every land trip I always pack a pair or flip flops and a pair of tennis shoes. Even if it is winter, the flip flops will serve me for indoors, a not so clean shower, or an emergency. My tennis shoes are not only a backup shoe, but I bring them for any moment I might have available to fit in a workout, a walk or a short hike to keep my body moving.  I also carry a light jacket regardless of the season. You never know when you’ll need it.


Be sure you are well rested. Pass the key if you feel tired. Even better, make a stop for everyone to sleep and enjoy a new day.


Do your best, don’t stress about it. A little research and a google search bar could be of great help.


Have fun. Safe travels!

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  • It’s good to remember that we can only control ourselves and the way we react to events is being learned and sets an example to little ones around us. Every moment is a teaching moment.  After I’ve settled into my seat with my girls the pilot proceeds to announce that the tires of our plane must be replaced and we all needed to exit the plane and they needed to unload bags and all. Certainly not fun but the saddest part to me was to hear parents curse at the airline staff in anger and immediately after announcements just change their demeanor while their kids began to stressed and unfortunately learn that behavior. This also worried some kids that were traveling alone. Could the plane leave any earlier? NO Was the situation ideal? NO  but again, we can only control ourselves and little eyes and ears are paying attention and learning. In times of disappointment and frustration, remember to breathe and gain perspective into what you could learn from whatever experience you are living.  After all, I ended up unexpectedly catching up with an old friend that happened to be waiting on a nearby gate, we received credits in miles for future travels and best of all- we made it home safely! Might as well just enjoy the view! 😉
  • Six years ago I decided to adopt a plant based diet. Is that even possible for a latino?  I was asked that so many times. The benefits of this life changing decision in my stamina, skin, and overall health have been better than I even expected. And YES, spanish countries and cultures are catching up to the importance of plant based diet.  This summer I had the pleasant surprise of enjoying several dining options in Puerto Rico. @borivegan was a great place to visit. It offers local cuisine with a plant based focus. It was fresh, delicious and the service and friendly ambiance made it even more enjoyable.  After my stuffed avocado and fresh passion fruit juice, I enjoyed a homemade vegan guava baklava for dessert! Local and healthier options are available and possible everywhere you go.  #vidasalveo
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  • Have you ever heard of acerolas? This cherry is considered one of the highest sources of vitamin C and antioxidants in the world! This tony fruits are also packed with carotenoids, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and minerals that promote overall health and well-being.  This particular berries are great fresh or juiced. Native of the West Indies, Caribbean and South America, this might be a hard to find exotic treat for some. It is recommended that we have a serving of berries (any berry) a day to maintain a healthy immune system and and keep a high intake of antioxidants.  Regardless of the type of berry, be sure to include them in your daily diet. Your body and health will thank you. And if you ever find fresh acerolas, enjoy!  #vidasalveo #acerolas #puertoricancherry
  • Summers in the Caribbean are enjoyed with passion fruit! This tropical fruit starts its life cycle with a rare, exotic and beautiful flower and then it becomes such a versatile healthy ingredient to add to many dishes. “Parcha” as its known in some areas of the Caribbean, and “Maracuya” as its known in most other Spanish countries. Its sweet-tart flavor can be found in sangrias or cocktail drinks.  This small round fruit could be found also in savory sauces, desserts such as custards, tarts, salad dressings and many others. I enjoy the soft pulp with its small seeds just fresh from the fruit or as a homemade cold juice! So refreshing! Its nutritional value makes it a star ingredient on Caribbean summer trips. Passion fruits are full of antioxidants, high levels of vitamin A and Vitamin C, good source of potassium and high in fiber as well. It is said that it helps lower high blood pressure. I know that a diet high rich in potassium and low sodium has been proven to lower blood pressure. But I prefer to also think that its deliciousness transports you to a calmer place where your blood pressure lowers. Have you ever had fresh passion fruit? Now you might want to try one. 🌱 #vidasalveo #plantbaseddiet #parchas #maracuya #passionfruit
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Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate. — Anonymous

It's important to highlight the role everyone plays in ensuring a healthy future for our nation's children.

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