Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. – Seneca


How many times do we have a goal in mind but never achieve it? When most people hear this question they think of diet or financial goals. And yes, it applies to those and many more.


Holidays are a time for many to get inspired about setting new goals, visualizing dreams, having a fresh start. START is the keyword here.  You won’t achieve any goal if you don’t start. How could you finish a race if you never take that first step and the starting line? I have suffered from this many times in my life and admittedly still struggle.


New year, a new decade, new places, new things! Great mindset! But, how do I make it to the finish line? I have run races where I do not know the path I am supposed to run and so I rely on someone ahead. What if they are wrong? I would never make it to the finish line. Preparation and anticipation for those opportunities is an important part of finishing strong and achieving your goals.


Take the time to plan how to achieve those goals. Be ready. Once you know, just start! No procrastination. No excuses. Please know I am on this race right along with you. Getting ready, training, learning, drawing the map. Waiting for the opportunity but not sitting around. Making opportunities happen.


I was told recently to be like kids playing musical chairs.  During the game, the kids are focus on their goal which is getting to sit on a chair by the time the music stops. But as they wait, they continue to move in preparation for the opportunity.


Let’s finish strong by simply starting the race!


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