Take your life to another level by ignoring The Joneses. – Richie Norton


My oldest is 7 and a half years old and now starting to have loose teeth. I know…late to many people standards but once again, proof that we are all different.


It’s that time in our lives when the Tooth Fairy will visit our home. With all that excitement, my husband and I started wondering what the current rates is for a tooth these days. We were thinking  maybe a dollar… when I decided to consult “Google University” for an updated rate. Oh what a surprise! Inflation has even affected the Tooth Fairy rates. I felt so cheap! Keeping up with Joneses is a steep price to pay.

According to a poll published by USA Today in 2019, the rates change depending on the part of the country (USA) you live but in 2018, the Tooth Fairy paid an average of $3.70 per tooth! That is bananas!!! When did a sweet (and silly) tradition became such a financial event?  Apparently, part of such inflation has been caused because of the lack of cash (specifically small bills) available when the special tooth decides to fall. Those opportunistic teeth have fallen during vacations, holidays or many other times when singles or change has been scarce.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter will receive her share. I just wonder how much at this point has this tradition become a  “keeping up with the Joneses” event.  For now I keep singles hidden in my wallet and my car to avoid paying a $20 or $50 rate and set high standards. I imagine in the near future children having a kind of wrist bracelet with a pocket for the tooth and a scanner for direct deposit. All modern and electronic. Humm think it’s too much?! There is a business idea that someone will exploit someday.

Whatever we decide it will be our household rate. And it should be your decision. Don’t let peer pressure take over. Whatever your household rate is, I truly hope you find these experiences as interesting as I do. And most of all, I hope you get to enjoy these moments that will soon become distant memories.

I’ve added a link to the USA Today article cited above. Check out the going rates per state. It’s interesting and entertaining.  Link here!

Cheers to all the Tooth Fairies out there doing their best to create unforgettable memories.

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