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I never thought I'd be that lady that talked about the importance of natural products and makeup. But after miscarriages and sat downs with our fertility doctors, I realized that I had some changes to make. I started to read, research, and learn just how toxic my personal care products were and how potentially harmful they could be to my baby and me! Around that time, I found myself being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I had to do something! My research brought me not only to watch what I eat but also what I put on my skin. Making the swap was intimidating at first. Effectiveness? Cost?... Years later, I'm here to tell you that swapping doesn't need to be intimidating. I've done the hard research work for you to find what really works, and yes, I attest that it has made a big difference.

My dream is for all people to have access to safer products. 

One by one, Beautycounter is leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. Powered by people, and our collective mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Formulate, advocate, & educate—that’s our motto for creating clean beauty products that truly perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Why? It’s really this simple: beauty should be good for you.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don't have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry.

-Gregg Renfrew

Leading a movement to change beauty for the better

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In 2021, Beautycounter raised the bar on clean through transparency and unmatched safety standards—and caught the eye of a new strategic partner, the Carlyle Group, resulting in the second-largest beauty acquisition in history. But they couldn’t do it without the community of clean beauty advocates. We speak with out purchases. You’ve helped build a collective movement to revolutionize the beauty industry—forever. And they’re only just getting started....

Countersun Defense

 AHA Smoothing Mask

All Bright C Serum

Brilliant Brow Gel

beyond gloss &
sheer genuis lipstick

Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm

All Bright Brightening Facial Oil

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It's normal to feel completely overwhelmed when you're making a big change in your life. It's new, it ain't cheap, and maybe you're not sure where to start or how to even begin? Been there! Not to worry.
I've got you covered with
"Flawless in 5!"

meet flawless in 5

Order one simple package, customized to your wants and get started on your journey to cleaner and safer living. INCLUDES SIX SAFER, HIGH-PERFORMING PRODUCTS: Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation or Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Skin Twin Creamy Concealer, brilliant Brow Gel, Think Big All-In-One Mascara, Cheeky Clean Cream Blush & Beyond Gloss... everything you need to begin.

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Beautycounter is confident that you'll love everything you purchase from us. However, if you aren't satisfied with a product for any reason, simply return the unused portion within 60 days from the ship date.

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Is This Brand All You Use?

Mascara- I prefer 100% PureBrand Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara

Deodorant - Type-A is a preferred one in our family

Hair Treatments - Innersense Beauty

Eye Liner- Ilia Beauty

As much as i want to love every Beautycounter product, truth is i don't. and it might happen to you too. here are some like minded brands that i like, i use, and you should check too.