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This book has more than just letters and a word. It includes a description of the items presented which makes it a learning tool for older kids and adults too. It is my hope that you create many memories reading this book and bring a learning experience to your home.

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.

My daughters are the reason why I decided to publish “B is for Bilingual”. When I created the concept, I remember taking pictures with my oldest and teaching her the alphabet in both languages. When her sister was born, our scrapbook of bilingual alphabet was one of the first books she would bring for me to read to them together. I have wonderful memories of us around that simple project, but it also set an example to them that any dream can become a reality. It is a great thing to share with others what you’ve created regardless of what others say because it was created with love. It was placed in my heart and it was my job to share it. Embarking on this adventure is one of the best teaching experiences I can give to them and YOU!

-Flora Lewis

If you're looking for:

Creative ways to learn English/spanish

learn new words and meanings

enjoy bright clear images 

Amazon review

"Nice book for learning the alphabet! Beautifully illustrated"

Great and ingenious way of introducing the kids to the alphabet in both languages! I do not typically write reviews for anything but found this book beautifully illustrated plus liked it uses the same object/noun that starts with the same letters in both English and Spanish languages. As someone who wants my kids fully proficient in more than one language, found this a great start resource. My kids loved it!

amazon review

"B is for bilingual and for everyone..."

"Excellent book. My kids love it and they took it to school to share it with classmates, which loved it too."

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