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Education is wealth. Knowledge empowers. While I provide you the tools to learn, create, and grow your own garden, I will rejoice to see YOU enjoy!


I'm Leila, Your New Home Educator's Secret Weapon

I’ve learned from the love of nature that there is great value on the connection of the soil and the knowledge of where our resources come from. Giving and teaching that knowledge to our younger generations gives HOPE to the world and our planet. Plant the seeds of love and knowledge, get your hands dirty and grow memorable and learning moments.

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Which natural element are you?

Take this fun two-minute quiz to find out which natural element matches your personality 🌿💦🔥🌀

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I've curated fantastic resources to help your Home Educator journey be a fun one!

The 8 plants that everyone should keep around

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Grab the list of my favorite Insect-repellant plants that I keep around my yard and learn why. You'd want to add them to your outdoor area too!to a kid friendly super EASY bird feeder that is good for the birds, nature, and the whole family! 



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Want to leave a positive impact in our planet and an impactful legacy? Plants can do that! 

Learning together


I created this book as tool to help me teach my daughters both English and Spanish basics. Great education tool!

Why clean beauty?

Non-Toxic Skincare

I'm not a make up artist but I am someone who decided to learn the importance of clean products and how they impact my health and my loved ones.


“ Nice book for learning the alphabet!”

Love the bright, colorful, realistic images and the big lettering. Many ABC books have the common words like A is for apple and B is for ball but this book mixes those up with some very unique words!

— Ilian, Amazon review

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