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Finding simple ways to live a joyful life

What is Vida Salveo?

Vida” means life in Spanish and “Salveo” means to be in good health in Latin. That’s what I’m all about. I will share some life adventures and discoveries I’ve made and continue to learn along the way to support an overall well-being and growth for you and the ones around you. I strive to live life in good health. Join me!

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson

Meet the Writer

I’m Leila Díaz-Thamer, a Puerto Rican native, married to my best friend, a loving and encouraging husband. I homeschool our two girls, volunteer for a non-profit organization, love to write, read, and exercise daily. How do I do it all? Well…I’m wonderful like that!

Ladies, please?!  N O – O N E – I S!!!

I have many things to be grateful for, but I’ve also learned to be intentional. I’ve grown from failures, from loss, illness and from my own mistakes I’ve learned to embrace life’s curve-balls. I’ve learned to ask for help because I can’t do it all. Hard lesson for me. I’m thankful for all I have, but I continue to work every day to maintain what I’ve gained in life and earn more.

I drink a cup of hot tea every evening and I start my day with a nutritious homemade flax & berry shake. Reading is my mental exercise. When it comes to wine, I must admit I do not discriminate. If it came from a grape, I’ll drink it. As an islander, I love the ocean. Enjoy diving, but it soothes me just to stare and listen the waves come and go.

Above it all, God’s guidance is what I seek.

Join me on this journey of learning, growth and improvement. Sharing experiences to inspire a well lived, healthier and happy life.

Live…..with a purpose

Love…..yourself for you are a child of God

Inspire…..others around you


  • Inspirational Quote for a marvelous Thursday. ☀ 
As we approach a big spending season...set your budget, set your financial goals, be intentional- so you can end the year even better that it started. That is part of a life-in good health. 
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. —Lao Tzu 
We’ve all heard of the importance of “greens” into our daily diets. How about green fats? I am talking about delicious, creamy avocadoes.  For most of mainland USA, you are used to Hass avocadoes. The small size variety great for making guacamole. But there are so many more varieties and sizes and even textures. Visiting my parents' house I get to pick them off the tree. As you see in the pictures, one of those avocados could be shared with a few (depending on what you are making). Check out a delicious avocado recipe on my post!
Un viaje de miles de millas comienza con un primer paso. —Lao Tzu 
Con frecuencia escuchamos de la importancia de añadir alimentos verdes a nuestra dieta diaria. ¿Has considerado grasas verdes?  Hablo de deliciosos y cremosos aguacates. Para la mayoría en los Estaos Unidos, un aguacate son los Hass. Esta variedad pequeña que es usada con frecuencia para hacer guacamole. Sn embargo, existen tantas otras variedades de aguacates de distintos tamaños y texturas. Entra a mi mas reciente post para una deliciosa receta usando aguacates!
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  • Inspirational Quote for a marvelous Thursday.  Have a great day! ☀
  • How does one become a butterfly? You have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. -Unknown 
Have you heard of Monarch Waystations? I didn’t until three years ago. My daughters, like most little kids, were fascinated by butterflies. Honestly, I love watching them too. We’ve previously made the effort of adding attracting butterfly plants into our gardens just so we can enjoy them flutter around in the evening that we would sit out to enjoy the outdoors. But this waystation project was different. Learn about Monarch Waystations and the life lesson I learned through this process on my recent post. 
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  • Finding COURAGE in the midst of VULNERABILITY. 
Accepting you are vulnerable is hard. Finding courage to keep on going sometimes feels like an impossible task.  For the past two days my immune system has been trying to get the best of me. It has been so hard to work out and be active. Today as I stared at my running shoes, debating if I wanted to push myself to go out for my morning run, my daughters stood next to me ready to go encouraging me to do it. It wasn't until they quoted me in a phrase I constantly tell them - “You are strong and brave, you are loved, you can do anything you put your mind to. You are a gift from God!” As tears of joy and empowerment rolled out of my eyes I got up and out I went. I was sore, it  was hard, my performance wasn't great but I did it anyways. 
Know that when we surround ourselves with people that truly care, they'll be there for you on those moments. Even if you can't see those people around you, you have the courage within. Be still and you’ll see you are not alone.  Find the COURAGE within. 
Have COURAGEOUS Saturday!! 💪 
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  • Inspirational Quote for a marvelous Thursday.  Have a great day! ☀️💪🏼

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