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Hello, I'm leila
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Finding simple ways to live a joyful life

What is Vida Salveo?

Vida” means life in Spanish and “Salveo” means to be in good health in Latin. That’s what I’m all about.  As a nature lover I enjoy playing in the dirt- aka gardening. I believe building your own garden helps our planet, helps our mental health and teaches future generations. I will share the wisdom I have gained about gardening.  Tips, tricks and even recipes from your own garden grown produce. I some life adventures and discoveries I’ve made and continue to learn along the way to support an overall well-being and growth for you and the ones around you. I strive to live life in good health. Join me!

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson

Meet the Writer

I’m Leila Díaz-Thamer, a Puerto Rican native, married to my best friend, a loving and encouraging husband. I homeschool our two girls, volunteer for a non-profit organization, love to write, read, and exercise daily. How do I do it all? Well…I’m wonderful like that!

Ladies, please?!  N O – O N E – I S!!!

I have many things to be grateful for, but I’ve also learned to be intentional. I’ve grown from failures, from loss, illness and from my own mistakes I’ve learned to embrace life’s curve-balls. I’ve learned to ask for help because I can’t do it all. Hard lesson for me. I’m thankful for all I have, but I continue to work every day to maintain what I’ve gained in life and earn more.

I drink a cup of hot tea every evening and I start my day with a nutritious homemade flax & berry shake. Reading is my mental exercise. When it comes to wine, I must admit I do not discriminate. If it came from a grape, I’ll drink it. As an islander, I love the ocean. Enjoy diving, but it soothes me just to stare and listen the waves come and go.

Above it all, God’s guidance is what I seek.

Join me on this journey of learning, growth and improvement. Sharing experiences to inspire a well lived, healthier and happy life.

Live…..with a purpose

Love…..yourself for you are a child of God

Inspire…..others around you

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Welcome to my Home on the Web!

As a nature lover, I enjoy playing in the dirt- aka gardening. I believe building your own garden helps our planet, helps our mental health, and teaches future generations. I’ve combined my love of nature and education with my homeschooling experience to bring you tips and ideas of activities and lessons for you, the kids and the whole family.

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