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  • Happy ❤️ day! May you be surrounded by people that truly appreciate you and value your uniqueness. And may you appreciate those around you too. 💕 #valentines #quotes
  • Thursday’s motivation. 💪🏼 Choose LOVE ❤every time. My 7 year old recently was upset that someone was screaming at us right as the traffic light turned green. Ever been there? You have the choice to scream back, curse, show fingers, or even find more creative ways to show anger. But thats not helping yourself nor others. Certainly not teaching any positive reaction to my little sponges.  So i just... “let it go..”. I literally sang the song to my daughter. And quoted MLK. I also said- lets think of all the things that person might be going through and just wish them well. It changed our entire day just to repeat that quote and change our perspective. Try it! Choose LOVE. 💕  #vidasalveo #quotes #motivation
  • I do my best to keep those loved ones in good health. And in special moments like these ones I’m grateful of all I’ve learned. Nutrition, health and safety. And when those two little ones wanted to “put some lip gloss on” I had no hesitation letting them wear @Beautycounter products. DM is you are interested in making a switch to safer products for you and your loved ones.  #beautycounter #saferbeauty
  • "The primary reason diseases tend to run in families may be that diets tend to run in families." ― Michael Greger

Finding ways to add nutritional value to our daily eating habits could feel like a burden. Making it fun, interesting and consistent makes a difference in the process. For insight and a simple recipe to get you started, go to and check out today's post. 
#vidasalveo #healthylifestyle #nutrition #drinkrecipe
  • As just started the second month of a new decade...let us remember WE WERE MADE TO THRIVE! ☀🙌🏼💪🏼 Inspirational Thursday. 🇪🇸Fuimos hechos para más que cosas ordinarias.  Fuimos hechos para hacer la diferencia. #vidasalveo
  • Tooth Fairy Rates. Yes! There is such a thing, apparently. Check out my new post where I also share a link to a poll done in the USA with rates based on The State you live in. 😳🤭. #vidasalveo #toothfairy #familytraditions

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