You have to fill your cup. You then give away the overflowing, but you keep a cupful for yourself.  -Wynonna Judd


I’ve heard this same idea in so many ways. “Fill your cup because you can’t pour from an empty cup”. “Fill your cup first and allow the world to benefit from your overflow”. The point is the same. It’s important that we take care of ourselves.  I recently received a note from a dear friend after I had just sent a thank you note along with a little token of my appreciation for his help coordinating an event. This is something I thought it was a common thing but it took him by surprise. His response made me reflect on how sometimes we live our lives.


My friend was grateful for my gesture but more than anything he was surprised that anyone would stop their daily activities to express what for him was obvious. What he said next was what truly brought tears to my eyes. I am so accustomed to taking care of everyone around that I don’t know what to do or say when someone offers their help or shows any gratitude. When he said that I remembered feeling that way and always tired. At one point resentful of even helping someone. Can you relate?


In order for growth to happen we must fill our cups. We must refuel. A plant can’t survive without water, no matter how many more fruits you want from it, it will eventually die without proper care. The same is true about our lives. Here are some practices I’ve learned to keep in  mind in order to overflow and share with others.


  • SET PRIORITIES – You are important! Give yourself some quality time. Then your family and closest ones. I set specific date and time on my calendar for ME! A facial, a quiet walk or run, time to read, a bubble bath…


  • SAY NO  – It’s one of the shortest words to say, yet one of the hardest to actually verbalize. It’s OK to say it and give time to yourself. That YOU time scheduled is important too


  • PERSONAL GROWTH- I love reading and listening to motivational podcasts. They’re reminders of our humanity and gives a little push on days when I feel blue.


  • GRATITUDE – Writing down what you are grateful for everyday let’s you start with perspective of how much you have.   I heard a while ago that gratitude turns what we have into enough. It doesn’t mean settling in, it just changes everything.


  • MEDITATE – For some this is Prayer. I personally strive to do both daily if not at least one. I believe that prayer is our conversation with Almighty and meditation is to quiet our thoughts and teach ourselves to listen.


  • EXERCISE – Before you decide to move on, give me a moment here. Any type of moment for at least 30 minutes once a day is a must to fill our bodies with the energy needed.  Just give it a try. You are worth it.


  • NUTRITION – This one is so important to me but I am not asking you to join me on my plant based diet venture. (Which has been great-thank you very much!) Drink half of you body weight in water (H2O- WATER!), eat a serving of fruits and veggies daily and a healthy (not fried-lean or beans) protein. Simple enough. No restrictions, just add those changes and see how you feel.


Take time to fill our cups daily and imagine how many more cups we can fill!! Even a cactus needs water. Remember that.



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