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Mid-Year Review

July 10, 2020

Hello, I'm leila
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The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist




What a year so far?! WOW   Sooooo much going on…. I usually take time in the summer to recap on my year; I look for things I’ve discovered and maybe new things I would like to do.  I love reading and writing which is also why I started this blog about a year ago. To be honest, I have not been as consistent with it recently (new priorities and an unexpected ranson hacking of my site), but it still has a few things that you might enjoy and perhaps you haven’t seen.  Vida Salveo (Life in Good Health) was started with the purpose of sharing my love for health and science as well as to share news about my book. Check my previous post- Immune-Boosting Syrup Recipe (Think Sambucol but much cheaper!!). A very appropriate post today. It is NOT a magic potion for immunity. But it has so many powerful ingredients that might help these days when we all need to maintain our immune systems at their best and save you some $$ while at it.


My family and I have recently settled into our new home in the Pacific Northwest. It has been an exhausting yet exciting adventure. We are enjoying the refreshing temperatures (70’s & 80’s) and the beautiful sceneries as much as possible while maintaining a physical distance.  As I unpack, decorate, and entertain the girls before homeschool starts again…(FYI Homeschool has been a personal choice of ours but this year we were planning to enroll the girls in a more traditional setting- well that’s out the window!) I wanted to share some things I’ve been up to or I’ve found. As I review my year I found things that I have achieved and can celebrate new things that have made a difference in my life, and much more.  Life recently has been unusual and unexpected, filled with many mixed feelings. Looking at the simple things in life provides me a sense of perspective and hope that gives me strength.  Hope this shortlist will distract you, inform you, and entertain you and maybe even inspire you to create and try new things.



  1. Published Author

A year ago I published my book B is for Bilingual!  What an incredible experience. This baby was on the works for years and I had so much fear. But I am so glad I did it. It is certainly not a NY Times Best Seller (I do not currently have the marketing team to make that happen-emphasis on CURRENTLY HA!) but I believe so much in the final product.  I am so grateful for all the support. My heart fills with joy every time I receive a video or a note from a family showing their little ones learning the ABCs in both English and Spanish.    If you haven’t seen it, feel free to check it out HERE.  With so many recent “distractions” and new priorities, I have not released my audio/video reading. Believe me, it is coming soon. Join my newsletter for updates.



  1. Reading Recommendation

Reading has so many benefits. I write and read for my own sanity. I have gone back to one of my favorite books – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (El Alquimista)   A classic story that will fuel you with hope. Not much to add here. A MUST READ.



  1. Beautycounter

I started using Beautycounter products two years ago. I love the fact that they disclose ALL ingredients, they advocate for better laws governing our personal care products, and…of course, the products are AMAZING. I joined as a consultant shortly after, mostly for the deeper discount, but the community I’ve found and the exposure to other like-minded people and companies has been incredible.

A year ago, my husband was diagnosed with Melanoma and as a family goes through that process, we all learned and became more conscientious about what’s important and on the products we apply. These days we are enjoying the new COUNTERSUN DAILY SHEER DEFENSE SPF 25 We love it because it goes on SHEER, its lightweight, it is fast-absorbing and it is unscented while protecting our family’s skin from damaging sun rays.


The experience as a Beautycounter consultant has inspired me to improve and continue pursuing many other goals (more on that coming in the fall). If you are interested in receiving some samples just let me know and I’ll mail you some or if you want to join the movement while earning some extra cash let me know as well.  Check them out HERE.  The added income these days while sharing safe products have been a welcomed added bonus.



4.     Facemasks

A mask is just a mask.  I will not write about the many reasons why we should all wear them. I want to share with you the specific one that I’ve found and love.  They are from PADI.  I try to invest in local as much as possible and/or in companies that help the environment, and that share similar interests and values as I do.  As a PADI certified diver and marine life lover, I gave this Recycled Plastic Cloth Face Masks a try and they did not disappoint. They even have kids size available that my girls love too.  Why not have some fun with our masks too? Look at their cute patterns HERE.



  1. Hiking and entertainment

Going on hikes has been the therapy to survival for our family during the current crises.  It allows us to connect with nature, disconnect from all the troublesome news, become physically active, and create family memories while enjoying nature.  I must admit it has been a challenge to even go on some hiking trails and we have limited our trips to 30 minutes or closer from our home to avoid unnecessary stops and exposure.  We have done lots and lots of at-home family games, movie nights, and backyard water balloon fights.  Gardening has been therapeutic to me but for the entire family, I must say that glowstick parties have been a hit.  Play some music, turn off the light, and dance with your glowsticks on.  So simple, so fun.  I want my girls to have happy memories when they look back and remember these unprecedented times in history.



  1. doTerra

These essential oils are AMAZING! I like their high-quality products. These days I’ve been using their Serenity Blend in my diffuser. Its calming aroma creates a calming ambiance at bedtime.   Also, On guard line has been present during this health crisis. A must these days.   **I do not receive any compensation from this company.



Looking at my calendar has given me a moment to remember all the good things, the new activities, the small simple things we do on a daily basis that creates valuable memories. Looking at all these things in my life help me look to the future with a grateful and hopeful heart. It provides me clarity on new projects, goals, and plans. What have you achieved? What things can be improved? What has made an impact in your life during this season? What new things would you like to achieve? It’s all about the simple things. Give it a try and review your year. Let’s refuel and finish 2020 strong!


Stay safe and in Good Health.

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