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May 4, 2020

Hello, I'm leila
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I reflected that I had as yet done but little … to further the happiness of the human race, or to advance the information of the succeeding generation. -Meriwether Lewis




Whenever we move to a new place or a new city, I try to read about its history. I like to learn about important landmarks and places to go to visit and discover. As I was reading about the Pacific Northwest, Lewis and Clark’s journey came up often as a particularly important part of the history of the states in the area. What was interesting to me is most of the information collected about those explorations are based on their journals.


Lewis and Clark’s journaling got me thinking.  Why would they stop to journal? What’s the significance of this? And, could you imagine how different the story would be told today without those journals?  On that quote above, Lewis on his 31st birthday was expressing his thoughts having traveled thousands of miles on a mission he believes will benefit both the United States and the native peoples of the continent. Rather than celebrate his accomplishments, he is tormented by the thought that he has not done enough. Could you imagine?


I see blogging as a new way of journaling.  People write about their favorite topics and share them with the world. I’ve heard often lately how blogging days are over. But, are they? When most of what we consume is online or social media I think blogging is just another expression of someone’s journey in life. I love to read and write. Since I was a young girl I always enjoyed keeping a diary. I stopped around high school.  Probably fear of other’s opinions took the best of me. Fear of what my words might mean to the others. Terrible fear.  I don’t let that stop me anymore.  I am certainly no Lewis not Clark, but I do not want to feel like Lewis on his 31st birthday. Personally, I write these posts to share and to leave a trace, breadcrumbs if you will, of my life.


During this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, I believe writing or journaling in any way is a way not only to express our feelings but to leave a piece of history for future generations.


Expressing our feeling is also a great way to cope. Need therapy? Write. Don’t need it? Still write.  The process of writing down how you feel, what you are experiencing today without judgment is a fantastic way to maintain our sanity. Do you think people will judge you? Do not publish.  And even if they do, who cares? No one can understand what you are going through but yourself. And believe or not, someone out there in the world completely understands you.


No need for a fancy site. Just need a paper, a pencil and a few minutes a day. Write down what you’ve experienced. Important events of the day, or whatever comes to mind. The future you will read these thoughts and admire the explorer that conquered such difficult times in history.


I don’t think that Lewis and Clark’s purpose was necessarily for others to be reading their thoughts. I choose to think that they wanted to know where they’ve been. To learn from their own past experiences in order to focus on what lied ahead and appreciate with joy the destination.

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