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Moving into the unknown

March 30, 2020

Hello, I'm leila
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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss



My family and I have been moving locations for one project or another every three to four years due to my husband’s career. Each move has been unique. Special in different ways. We’ve met all sorts of people that have touched our lives. Every time is an adjustment.



As a microbiologist, I’ve always compared the adjusting times to some microorganisms’ power to evolve, adjust and mutate. Ironically, now it brings a whole new meaning to the experience.  My husband currently is on the other side of the country working through this crisis while we battle to get back in the same zip code has been an unusual challenge.



As we find ourselves moving in the midst of a pandemic, I try to find ways to still allow us to close this chapter as we’ve previously done- Happy and in Peace.



Change is always difficult. Mostly for a child. The challenge of allowing my daughters to say their “see you later” and “goodbyes” has been the hardest.  When plans get changed and you have no choice but to adapt, how do you embrace it?  Let me tell you, it takes a lot of inner strength.  One day we had play dates and get together scheduled, and the next we are being self quarantined!



I believe that every experience that makes us grow and question ourselves will become a tool in the future. As hard as it might be these days to think that way on a daily basis, I still do.



As I look for lessons to learn and grow through it all, I decided to drive by and allow the girls to see their closest friends from afar. It was emotional and heartbreaking. This one is for the books! Seeing children respect their distance without much understanding of the situation was admirable. Hearing their loving words towards each other and their positive attitude was uplifting.  I could see the future through their eyes. I found hope.



The lesson of gratitude for the opportunity of just seeing each other inspired me. They found options for their future. Their talks about video calling, becoming pen pals and continuing their friendship through it all was a sign of the lessons this future generation is learning from the current season.  We might be physically apart for a while but we are never truly alone.



As we embrace into an unknown future as we always do after a move, this time we all as a society embrace into that uncertainty. Well, I’ve decided to look at it all with the same eyes.  As an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to value and appreciate what we’ve had. It’s a chance to look at what’s in front of us as the most valuable treasure and hold it safely as we bravely embrace a new season.



Just like I’ve moved before, every time has been different but every time we’ve settled and made it wiser and stronger. I’d like to remind myself that other generations have gone through trials, each one different, but we’ve all made it stronger and wiser. Find gratefulness every day. From that place of gratitude, you’ll find the strength to keep going.



Gratefulness brings Clarity.

Clarity brings you Peace.

Peace brings Hope.


Be safe and be in good health!





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