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May 20, 2019

Hello, I'm leila
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Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone else’s property. Yet they wreck the very temple their Creator gifted them.     -Brendon Burchard


This is not romantic story of deception. It’s a sad reality of misinformation.


For over a year, I’ve seen close family members being affected by heart disease. This silent killer that could be affecting many of us without even knowing or our loved ones. I’m a huge advocate for education and prevention but what happens when it’s too late to prevent? When your heart is hurting, when you become so weak and close to knocking on heavens doors, do you give in to the excuses that life must end at some point?  The heart is the muscular organ that pumps blood to our bodies providing oxygen and many nutrients to our entire body. It never stops working for us. It is important we take good care of it.


Believe me, I’m aware we are not infinite, nor do I try to be. But if I’m in a boat that’s sinking and there are life jackets available, why not use them?!  Isn’t that what King Solomon would have done? I’d like to think so.  Science and medicine advances are a life jacket. Nutrition and physical activities have proven to not only prevent but help improve and, in some cases, reverse heart disease. My heart still beats its normal song rhythm, but I do understand how it feels when your life has taken an unexpected turn. When there is an actual diagnose,  I know how it feels to fear you’ll miss your loved one’s activities and celebrations. I know how it feels to be forced to change your routines, your medicines, your diet and your lifestyle. Well, what if this is just a wake-up call for improvement. Is it time to stop settling into what the current society thinks is acceptable and instead become extraordinary? Isn’t that what we were created for? Without age limitations or race restrictions- we are meant for greatness!


We must be guardians of our souls but also ours bodies. Isn’t our body the temple of the Holy Spirit?  I recently read “The Motivation Manisfesto” by Brendon Burchard where it said- “Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone else’s property. Yet they wreck the very temple their Creator gifted them.”  Amen to that!


I believe in medical advances and with a “broken heart” we must follow professional advice and supervision.  I also believe in mind over matter. Our hearts are also affected by our thoughts. I grew up in church and at an early age I was taught to pray. Prayer is that solemn monologue in which I give grace, ask for help and express my feelings to the almighty.  Meditation to me at that time was somehow something contradicting to prayer.    After reading and educating, I’ve realized I was misinformed.  Meditation is about becoming aware of your thoughts and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe and listen to them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.  It is different for everyone.  I have recently started spending time in meditation. It’s like a vacation for the mind, the soul and the body. It is a unique detox diet. Just a few minutes a day to close your eyes in silence or a silent walk where I appreciate my surroundings.  Accepting and even removing any thought from your mind provides so much healing. The best and cheapest detox you could practice.


Did you know that times of solitude could save a life and a nation? This idea is hard for me to grasp and has been the hardest to incorporate because I love to socialize. Reading about focusing on what’s essential and becoming a minimalist (subjects for another post) I came across a story about Abraham Lincoln. Regardless of political views, we must agree this man was able to lead the nation during one of its most divisive times in history while staying in mental and physical health.  It is said that Lincoln valued his times of solitude that allowed him to think and reflect. It was during these times where he created the Emancipation Proclamation.  Not a fan of US history?  Perhaps, let’s think of Jesus. He not only had moments of prayer but also moments of solitude during his journey.


Media keeps us connected and informed but let’s take some time also to listen to the beat of our hearts without interruption. These beautiful warm days that spring and summer brings us are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. To be physically active and engage our bodies and mind in activities that uplifts our overall health. Great moments to focus our attention in exercise and nutrition.


Mental health is an important part of keeping a healthy heart. A quiet walk not only helps your physical health but also your mind. Keeping your focus on what’s in front of you, on the present moment, on being grateful. It’s not just about doing one thing to have a healthy heart or a healthy body. It’s about a lot of little things along a positive mind that keeps our hearts healthy.  My best recommendations are:

*Consult your physician.  It is important to have a plan for prevention or treatment with professional input.

*Stay active. Physical activities keep your heart pumping and exercise has proven to help have a positive state of mind.

*Do not smoke. Enough said.

*Eat green. Watch what you eat and drink. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Educate yourself and discuss with your doctor about your body’s specific needs.

*Be social. Spend real time (not digital) with family and friends that encourages you to be your best. People that makes you laugh and improve.



Empower yourself. Be part of the statistics of heart healthy numbers.

It only takes one person to change your life, YOU.

May you enjoy quiet afternoons admiring a sunset in appreciation of another day lived in good health.



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