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July 8, 2019

Hello, I'm leila
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Knowledge empowers. – Leila



Education and Wellness; two things I am very passionate about. It is the reason I started Vida Salveo. To share experiences that might inspire and help others to “Live-in good health”.

When I say education, I don’t mean to go out and earn a degree, although I did and if you have the means and the desire, I totally support it and recommended it. But what I mostly mean about education is the process of development, enlightenment, the acquisition of knowledge. Learning about a subject. The search that will allow you to grow. It’s why I wrote “B is for Bilingual”.


Wellness. Physical activities, fueling our bodies with nutritious meals, be conscientious of what we put into our bodies (topical and ingested), all these are ways to maintain wellness.


This time I want to share about skin care. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and one that we must care for. Did you know that what we put on our skin gets absorb into our bloodstream? Along with inhalation, ingestion and injection, dermal absorption is a route of exposure for toxic substances and the reason why it is also used as a route to administer certain medications.  With that in mind, let’s consider the number of products we apply onto our bodies daily. Starting with the soap, lotions, sunscreen, etc.


My husband was recently diagnosed with skin cancer-melanoma. Gladly it was caught on time and doctors were able to remove it all. I won’t go into details about it since it is not my story to tell.  But this process and all the information learned through it all has made me more aware than before of the importance of healthy skincare. As you might know, I joined Beautycounter as a consultant about a year ago. This opportunity expanded my knowledge and awareness on the type of products I want to apply to my body and my family’s skin too.

A great way to start caring about your skin would be using sunscreen. I personally love Countersun Sunscreen Stick. I carry one in my bag and keep another one in my car. I’m able to apply anytime and it glides smoothly without leaving white residue. My girls can easily apply it themselves too. It is also reef-friendly!

But today I want to share the new line that Beautycounter is launching this week. It is called Countertime! It is an anti-aging collection that is safe and efficacious. Many beauty brands offer retinol as a safe skin-care ingredient. Our never list includes Retinol and Retinol also gets a 9 from the EWG!  Instead, Countertime was created with a plant derived Retinatural Complex. A much safer alternative. The complex is made with Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose. Bakuchiol delivers many of the retinol’s benefits without irritations such as repairing the skin. Swiss Alpine Rose is a flower known for its ability to protect itself against environmental stressors like dehydration and helps boost skin’s antioxidant defense.  It’s such a safe and amazing collection that it is safe to use during pregnancy!

This new line is also the beginning of new glass packaging. Glass is recycled more easily than plastic and does not emit harmful materials as it degrades—which plastic does. Beautycounter is sourcing the glass containers from North America, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions from shipping products across the ocean. Helping the planet while helping your skin, it’s a big win!

This collection is meant to work together, and you won’t see the same results if you just order selected. Commit to a healthier skin.  The size of each product will ensure the investment will last you!


Contact me for more information and offers. And gentlemen, don’t forget the amazing Countermen collection already available!



Check out the Women’s Wear Daily article highlighting the Countertime Collection.


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