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Embracing the weird

November 4, 2019

Hello, I'm leila
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Why fit in when you were born to stand out? — Dr. Seuss



Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd…. I love baseball!  The cheering, the sound of the bat as it hits the ball and you wondering where it’ll land, and the great times you can have at the park or even watching on TV. Some might find it boring, but not me.


Growing up in Puerto Rico, the Atlanta Braves games for some reason were the games that were televised the most. At least on local channels and since I grew up without cable, we rooted for the Braves. Maybe it was that or maybe it was Javi Lopez being part of the team…Yes, I had a small crush on Javi and my close friends know it. Whatever the reason, I have been a Braves fan for years. Then I moved to Atlanta. What a joy!

Now, why in the world would I wear a Giants hat to a Braves game?! I had the pleasure to discover San Francisco years ago for a work trip. Then I visited a few times and have visited for pleasure too. I fell in love with San Francisco. The people, the weather, the scenery, even the Train song about San Fran spoke to me. So….I became a Giants fan too.


Weird. Maybe. But I assure you, I am not confused. I know exactly who I am. There is no reason to root for one and totally ignore the others. It’s a good thing to embrace new things, new places, new people into our lives. Each of these places holds a special place in my heart and for that I am grateful. Yes, now I mean more in a personal way. I totally get the rivalry’s in terms of sports.   When it comes to our personal life, embrace the memories and the influence that a place or a person has had on us.


Without dwelling, just honoring its presence and influence. Every experience in our lives affects us.  But don’t let it define you. Go on with your life and embrace your uniqueness. Embrace the weird.

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