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Deliciosos Aguacates

February 11, 2020

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We’ve all heard of the importance of “greens” into our daily diets. How about green fats? I am talking about delicious, creamy avocadoes.  For most of mainland USA, you are used to Hass avocadoes. The small size variety great for making guacamole. But there are so many more varieties and sizes and even textures. Visiting my parents’ house I get to pick them off the tree. As you see in the pictures, one avocado could be shared with a few (depending on what you are making).  Avocadoes were one of the first fruits I introduced my girls to as babies.


It’s such an advantage to be able to reach out for exotic fruits from so many other places directly from our local grocery store. Sometimes we take it for granted. Explore new flavors, textures and add more nutritional value to your day.

Not an avocado fan? Allow me to tell you why you should be including this fatty fruit in your diet. Avocadoes are high in healthy fats that have cholesterol and triglyceride-lowering effects.  They have anti-inflammatory effects and some studies show that it could help aid and prevent certain types of cancer cells. If that isn’t enough, it is also a great source of fiber to keep a healthy gut. And it’s high in potassium which it’s known to help reduce blood pressure and avoid water retention.


More than just guacamole and chips, or the common avocado toasts. This fruit could be enjoyed in many other ways. It could be added to a morning shake. I love doing this! If you are concerned about it altering the flavor of your shake, it won’t. It makes it creamy and obviously green. Enjoy it roasted, stuffed, on a salad, in your sushi, as avocado ice cream pops…oh my mouth waters.  I love making avocado and dark chocolate cake. I am including my recipe at the bottom. Most people won’t even believe there is avocado in this cake. It’s such a delicious and healthy treat.


Try a new fruit. I’ll share some more rare ones as I try and find them. For now green cheers to avocadoes!!

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