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Book. What Book?!

April 10, 2019

Hello, I'm leila
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Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become. – Steve Jobs


Don’t you have enough things already on your plate? Prioritize! Aren’t the girls your priority?


I heard those and so many other questions and comments during the past year that made me question myself, wonder… Am I crazy for trying to do this? Should I wait a few years? Fear tried to take over me, but somehow, I kept going anyways. Something in my heart kept me going. As I started working marketing strategies for this book, I started hearing those same questions and comments in the back of my head and made me pause…again. Why did I do this?! Why go through all this trouble? Then, that very next morning the answer came from where I least expected.


See, my daughters and I exchange good night and good morning messages on this erase board since they became toddlers. It started one night with my now 6 years old asking me to surprise her with a message on the board for the next morning and it has become our little fun tradition. I draw or write a message at night and place it in their bedroom after they’ve gone to sleep for them to be surprised as they receive the new day. Then, that next morning they erase it and draw or write something that they bring to me as they say good morning.


This particular Saturday morning of April, my six-year-old woke up at 5am, walked into my bedroom and quietly whispered in my ear, “Mamá, good morning! I left you a special message.” And she left going back to her room. I didn’t think anything of it. I was just glad that she was quiet and had gone back to bed. So, I rolled over and back to a short snooze I went. As I woke up and started my morning routines, I again ignored her message with my mind on many other things until I heard her coming out of her room and I realized I hadn’t seen it. I rushed back to the corner of my bedroom where she’d place the board and…. there it was. Such a simple act brought tears to my eyes. The answer was in front of me. She saw me teared up with a smile and said, “Oh mamá, did you like it? Let me explain it to you in case you don’t understand what I drew. The space is so small so I couldn’t draw much but I wrote Te amo on top of a drawing of your book. One day I will write my book and you will draw it on the board for me”.

My daughters. My daughters are the reason why I decided to publish “B is for Bilingual”. When I created the concept, I remember taking pictures with my oldest and me teaching her the alphabet in both languages. When her sister was born, our scrapbook of bilingual alphabet was one of the first books she would bring for me to read to them together. I have wonderful memories of us around that simple project, but it also sets an example to them that any dream can become a reality. It is a great thing to share with others what you’ve created regardless of what others say because it was created with love. It was placed in my heart and it was my job to share it. Embarking on this adventure is one of the best teaching experiences I can give to them.


This book has more than just letters and a word. It includes a description of the items presented which makes it a learning tool for older kids and adults too. It is my hope that you create many memories reading this book and bring a learning experience to your home.


“B is for Bilingual” is now available and out in the world!

I have created a 20% OFF coupon code: BILINGUAL20 for everyone that makes a purchase directly from the publishing company, Mascot Books, Inc.


Buy the Book Here!

Go to or use the following link – B is for bilingual


Now available at Amazon!!! Barnes and Noble


Help me make this adventure a success! Share the news and let’s teach our young ones some English and/or Spanish!

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