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Happy Pascha!

April 15, 2019

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Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.  -Janine di Giovanni


Pascha is the Greek and Latin term for Easter or Resurrection Sunday. This holiday is the most important celebration of the Christian Church. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead as described in the New Testament.  This year (2019) Easter Sunday is celebrated on Sunday April, 21st. This week many churches have special services and events. Many travel to celebrate with family and loved ones. Even if you are not a Christian, let us enjoy this holiday as a date to celebrate life and loved ones. To celebrate new seasons.

Each country has different ways to celebrate. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I remember the processions on Palm Sunday and another one on Easter. Ending the day with family lunch after service. I remember crosses decorated at church. In mainland U.S., I’ve seen lots of rabbits, carrots, and eggs…some crosses – but not many.


Why do we celebrate with a bunny and eggs in America? Since when does a bunny lay eggs? (straight from my toddler’s mouth) Well, a brief answer to that is that the Easter Bunny represents life because it usually gives birth to a big litter of babies. The Easter Eggs are said to represent Jesus’ resurrection and emergence from the tomb. Ironically, the eggs, which are also an ancient symbol of new life, have been found to be associated with pagan festivals that celebrated the coming of the spring season.  Both meanings coming from different times and from different areas of the world. Somehow (and I am certain someone has more accurate research on these historic facts) these traditions were immersed into the Christian celebration.


I bring this short history lesson to remind us to always search for the truth. To celebrate with intention and knowledge. To respect each other’s traditions and celebrations. We each carry something from our own culture and families. Mostly, let us remember that the main reason to celebrate Easter is to celebrate an act of sacrifice, love, life and hope.

These lessons I’ve learned after moving around and meeting people from different nationalities, after having kids, after self-soul search… Regardless on your believes, enjoy the day with someone that needs prove of life in his or her life, someone that might be lonely. Play games, read a book together, share a meal. Do not ruin your budget nor your sanity planning for a “perfect” Easter Sunday brunch. Or the “perfect” treats for the kids. Focus on each other’s company. Create your own traditions.  Keep it simple.

I included links of some ideas for your celebration. I am also including the link to a site that lists some Easter traditions from around the world. It might be a good read at your own Easter. Who knows?!, maybe even adapt some ideas from other parts of the world into your own celebration.


Happy Pascha everyone!

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