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Good Reads

April 30, 2019

Hello, I'm leila
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Good Reads



If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.  J.K. Rowling


I enjoy reading for pleasure. I consider reading a privilege. I enjoy all sorts of genres.


When I became pregnant, people would tell me to enjoy reading because then it’ll be years before I would have the time to do enjoy a good book again. I heard it so much that it became ingrained in my brain. So, when my first daughter was born, I stop reading as much. Other than children’s books or books about parenting, which I barely finished, I barely read. It was not until a few years back that I questioned myself about that.  Motherhood is a wonderful transition of lifestyle, that’s for sure. But why give up reading? After all, if I wanted to lead my daughters by example, why not organize my time for me to also enjoy books? How could I teach my girls the importance of reading with me finishing the one book of the year close to the 31st of December so I could feel that I at least read something. Have you ever been there? Trying to cheat time? That’s when I decided to create a reading challenge for myself. I am very competitive and so is my husband so we both sign off on it. We had to read one book a month. I set aside time before going to bed. I also started getting up a few minutes earlier in order to enjoy a few minutes of reading. Why go to this much trouble for just a book? Well, I needed to prove myself and show my daughters the balance that exist in life. I decided to make my mental health as important as my physical health. Reading is part of my mental exercise routine. The benefits of reading are many. Personally, it helps me stay alert, be creative, improves my mood and self-esteem, and expands my knowledge. And now with the option of audible! Wow! I can even listen to a good book while I clean, garden, and while I have long drives. I think that some books MUST be read but there are some that are great to listen to and some that should be heard and listened to as well. Mostly if they were recorded by the author. They bring their emotions and you can hear it just as if they were a good friend sitting at your living room telling a story.


As the month of May approaches… Can you believe we are talking about May being around the corner?! Time never stops. Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness month? Mental Health Awareness got me thinking about how to maintain, improve and inspire a healthy mind. Because of all these, I created the Good Reads Tic Tac Toe.  I previously made a Bingo with different books.  The idea of a Tic Tac Toe came from a business challenge I received from one the Beautycounter managers – Thanks Ali!  Anyways, it’s a Tic Tac Toe with books for you to read based on my favorites, different genres, or recent ones that I’ve read.  Challenge yourself to at least score 1 Tic Tac Toe before the end of the year. Think about it like a race where you start running just one mile and you slowly keep adding them up. The first quarter of the year is gone. Let’s focus on what we can achieve on the next ones. Who’s with me?


Create a reading challenge with your love ones, with friends, or co-workers.  Get your local library card ready and let’s read some books. Keep me posted on how you are doing and what your thoughts are on the books. Feel free to add or change them as your please. The important part is to READ.  Exercise your brain!  Inspire others to read and respect and support mental health!


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Good Reads Tic Tac Toe English


List of Good Reads Books

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