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Freezing Time

The age of a woman is not important: you can be wonderful in your 20’s, amazing in your 40’s and stay fabulous for the rest of your life.  – Coco Chanel     I am happy and excited to enter this new decade of life! I know that for many it may cause you pain, thoughts […]

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Deliciosos Aguacates

      We’ve all heard of the importance of “greens” into our daily diets. How about green fats? I am talking about delicious, creamy avocadoes.  For most of mainland USA, you are used to Hass avocadoes. The small size variety great for making guacamole. But there are so many more varieties and sizes and […]

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In Good Health

The primary reason diseases tend to run in families may be that diets tend to run in families.  ― Michael Greger   Family mealtimes bear some of the most memorable times in my life. Holidays dinners, lunch meetings with a friend, a snack as I watch the sun hide behind the beautiful Caribbean waves…those are some […]

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Tooth Fairy Rates

Take your life to another level by ignoring The Joneses. – Richie Norton   My oldest is 7 and a half years old and now starting to have loose teeth. I know…late to many people standards but once again, proof that we are all different.   It’s that time in our lives when the Tooth […]

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Hada de los Dientes

Cambia el rumbo de tu vida ignorando lo que hacen los demás. -Richie Norton   My oldest is 7 and a half years old and now starting to have loose teeth. I know…late to many people standards but once again, proof that we are all different.   My hija de 7 años y medio recién […]

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Reto Culinario

Siempre hay que arriesgarse a hacer cosas nuevas. Si aciertas, es una recompensa. Si te equivocas, es una leccion.  -Autor desconocido   Desde que mi querido amigo Justin (@pastryologist) comenzó su pagina blog, le he seguido y he disfrutado leer de sus aventuras y nuevas creaciones culinarias. Sin embargo, al tratarse de recetas, me reto […]

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Baking Challenge

Never be afraid to try new things, and make some mistakes, it’s all part of life and learning. -Unknown   Since my good and long-time friend, Justin (@pastryologist) started his blog site, I’ve followed him and have enjoyed his unique recipes.  However, I usually take his recipes and challenge myself to take them a step […]

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Kings Day

Our most treasured family heirloom are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past. -William Faulkner   Keeping up the tradition in Puerto Rico! Día de Reyes!! I am so excited to share about this holiday tradition that is dear to my heart with all of you.   Growing […]

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Dia de Reyes

Los pueblos que olvidan sus tradiciones pierden la memoria de sus destinos.”   -Nicolas Avellaneda   Les comparto de una mis celebraciones favoritas del año. Hoy se celebra el Dia de los Reyes en muchos países (y hogares) latinoamericanos y de origen hispano o español. En mi post en ingles describo como se celebra esta tradición […]

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Reto al Lector 2020

Mientras más leas, más cosas sabrás. Mientras más sepas, más lejos llegarás. -Dr. Seuss     Cuando comencé este blog, compartí mi pasión por los libros y la importancia de la lectura para el crecimiento personal, entretenimiento y salud mental. También compartí el reto al lector con un Tic Tac Toe para retarte a envolverte […]

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Welcome to my Home on the Web!

As a nature lover, I enjoy playing in the dirt- aka gardening. I believe building your own garden helps our planet, helps our mental health, and teaches future generations. I’ve combined my love of nature and education with my homeschooling experience to bring you tips and ideas of activities and lessons for you, the kids and the whole family.

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The 8 plants that everyone should keep around

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Grab the list of my favorite Insect-repellant plants that I keep around my yard and learn why. You'd want to add them to your outdoor area too!to a kid friendly super EASY bird feeder that is good for the birds, nature, and the whole family! 



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